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Learn how PRP in many cases can be an excellent alternative to steroids or shoulder surgery and address the root cause of shoulder pain quickly and naturally.

The shoulder, being one of the largest and most intricate joints in our body, plays a vital role in numerous daily activities. Whether it’s lifting, reaching, or carrying even the simplest objects, the shoulder ensures that these seemingly effortless movements are smooth and free of pain. Therefore, maintaining the health and vitality of the shoulder joint is crucial.

Comprised of bones, cartilage, tendons, and muscles, the shoulder joint resembles a ball and socket, with the upper arm bone (humerus) fitting into the shoulder blade (scapula). This type of joint allows for extensive rotation and movement in multiple directions, emphasizing the importance of stabilization. The rotator cuff, a group of muscles and tendons, provides support to the shoulder and enables a full range of motion. Additionally, other components such as the bursa (a fluid-filled cushion protecting the tendons) and the labrum (cartilage safeguarding the humerus bone) work in conjunction with the rotator cuff. The optimal functioning of the shoulder joint relies on the strength and well-being of each of these interconnected parts.

However, due to the shoulder’s involvement in various movements, repetitive actions, and demanding routines, it is prone to injury and degeneration. Shoulder pain can significantly impact our quality of life. To regain lost strength and functionality, it is essential to address the underlying damage and provide the body with the necessary tools for repair and rebuilding. At New You Stem Cell Center in Tomball, Texas, we are dedicated to guiding our patients on the path to healing through regenerative treatments.

Conditions of the shoulder joint that can cause pain

The shoulder joint is composed of multiple components, and injuries or conditions can contribute to wear and tear or damage. While tears in the rotator cuff, pain associated with osteoarthritis, or injuries from work or sports are common causes of shoulder pain, there are several other conditions that can result in damage to the tissues surrounding the shoulder. Here is a list of shoulder-related conditions that can impact the surrounding tissue and cause damage:

How PRP can help with shoulder pain

Injuries and conditions related to joints often exhibit slow healing due to limited blood supply in those areas. However, PRP therapy offers a solution by enhancing the body’s natural healing capacity and providing the additional resources necessary for damaged areas. The treatment involves extracting a blood sample from the patient, separating the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components. This concentrated plasma contains growth-inducing proteins that play a crucial role in tissue healing. Acting as a magnet for stem cells, the enriched substance attracts new, healthy cells to the damaged area, promoting tissue regeneration.

In contrast to more traditional methods like surgery, cortisone injections, and medications, which often entail long recovery times and potential long-term side effects, PRP therapy offers a safer alternative. It continues to gain recognition and advancement in the medical field for its ability to effectively heal and rebuild damaged tissues. Moreover, PRP therapy carries minimal risks since the injected platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood.

Utilizing PRP therapy for shoulder pain addresses the underlying cause of pain, empowering the body with the necessary resources to accelerate healing and tap into its natural ability to repair itself.

Symptoms associated with shoulder-related conditions

Symptoms can vary depending on the patient, injury, or condition involved. For many, however, injury to the shoulder or conditions affecting the shoulder may appear as any of the followin

If you have received a diagnosis of a joint-related condition or have suffered a shoulder injury, our experienced team at New You Stem Cell Center is here to support you in your journey towards healing and regaining pain-free mobility.

With our expertise and skills, we can address the underlying source of pain and facilitate natural healing through a minimally invasive procedure with minimal risk. We have consistently witnessed impressive results through stem cell therapy and stem cell activation procedures. Our aim is to raise awareness about the benefits of these treatments and make them accessible to our patients and community. If you believe you might be a suitable candidate for platelet-rich plasma therapy or have any inquiries regarding the procedure and its potential benefits for you, we encourage you to reach out to our clinic today for a complimentary consultation.

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