The LIFESPAN weight loss program is a partnership focused on long term natural results. The custom designed medical weight loss program will help you curb your appetite, increase your metabolism, and help you make long-term lifestyle changes which will improve your overall health by helping you lose the weight and keep it off.

Our program is physician-driven and incorporates a comprehensive medical evaluation including a full blood work-up, and a comprehensive body composition report unlike any in the industry. Using these scientific tools, LIFESPAN will pair each patient with prescription medication, and LIFESPAN created FDA-approved natural herbal supplements to help you start your journey for a healthier version of yourself. Each patient is also provided all the necessary nutritional and exercise counseling; weekly B12 injections and a post-treatment maintenance program for a long-term result. With thousands of satisfied clients, we guarantee you will be pleased with the investment in yourself.

FDA Approved Weight loss

Individualized Medical Weight Loss Comprehensive Medical Evaluation – EKG and Blood Work FDA Approved Prescriptions and Natural Herbal Supplements.


Enhance your weight loss goal with Lipo-B12 Shots. Boost Your Metabolism and Energy Levels. Help control Cholesterol Levels. Effectively Remove Fat From Liver.